30-Day speaking challenge

Speak Korean for 30 days without fear!

30-day Speaking challenge👄

1. For who?

2. How to do it?


What you'll improve after challenge...

Your Korean after 30 day speaking challenge will have this change


You will have confidence to speak without fear, anxiety of making mistakes.


Talking about different topics for 30 days will greatly boost your vocabulary & Pronunciation.


Taking less time to think and speak in Korean. Your Korean will sound much more natural.


With our feedback, you'll be able to speak Korean more accurately witih less mistakes.

Our Happy Students!

I feel like I’m starting to get used to talking freely. Of course it’s still a challenge but I’m not so nervous anymore and find it easier to stay focused on what I want to say. I’m surprised how easily I ended up with 4 mins speaking video.


Over the 30 days I could begin to express my thoughts more naturally. And also getting feedback on some of my pronunciation and mistakes was very useful and great! Overall the speaking challenge was super fun and I learned a lot from it! I’m really excited to participate in the next one!

Joan Phillips

This is my 2nd time participating in this challenge, and I can see my progress from speaking for 1 minute to almost 5 minutes! At first as I thought I wouldn’t have much time or that my sentences would be too repetitive and short but wow, I’m glad I did! Thank you for this opportunity.

Charlotte Foulkes


For the next challenge schedule, please click “Join Challenge” and see the next available date.

For this challenge, you should know how to form basic sentences in different tenses or talk about your daily life(A2 level).  However, even if you’re A1 level, if you know how to make simple sentences (ex;저는 학교에 가요), you can still join the challenge. 

Upon registration, you’ll get a confirmation email with a link to access Google Drive. Please send me a request to access it and find a folder under your name in Google Drive. You’ll upload your videos there for 30 days.

You’ll also be invited to our Zoom group chat for important notices. So make sure to check the invitation email after registration and turn on the notifications on Zoom.

No, please keep in mind that this is a challenge, not an acutal class you meet a teacher or other students. But you’ll still get feedback from me.

To see the effect of this challenge, you have to film a video at least 6 days a week.

If you forget to upload a video or have to skip one or two days. It’s fine but always remember to get back on track afterwards.

Yes. You’ll get feedback twice a week(ex; Wed & Sunday) on all of your videos. 

Please keep in mind that I only give corrections on important mistakes. The feedback is given through comments on videos.

One winner will be chosen based on how much you’ve improved in;

1)Vocabulary (Diversity of topics)

2)Accuracy (Pronunciation & Grammar)

3)Consistency (How often you upload videos)

4)Video length (Make a longer video over time)

*Award: Free Conversation Class with Korean Booster


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