Survival Korean Course

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10 Weeks Survival Korean (Intensive)

1. Class Objective

*This will be the last homework/project you’ll be given.

2. Materials

3. Syllabus

  1. Introducing Yourself (/, /, /, Korean numbers 1)
  2. Talking about your daily life 01 (에, Present conjugation, Korean Numbers 2)
  3. Talking about your daily life 02 (VS 에서, 하고, , –, Past conjugation) 
  4. Talking about future plans 01 (-거나, –//해서,  Future conjugation)
  5. Talking about future plans 02 ((으)면, –고 싶다, ()려고 하다)
  6. Asking for directions & Using transport (A에서 B까지, (), ()세요 01)
  7. Shopping in Korean (-/adjective, –것 같다, ()세요 02)
  8. Ordering food at the restaurant (Counting + //, –주세요, –/을 게요)
  9. Talking about K-pop, K-culture (-에 대해서, ~거든요, –adjective)
  10. Presentation & Final Quiz

4. Price

1 lesson (90 min/week)Tuition fee (10 weeks)

*This price includes everything – Orientation(30mins) + 90 mins class for 10 weeks + Survival Korean Lesson PDFs & textbooks & audios, Homework & Review Quiz every week  + Free access to Google Drive and Quizlet classroom.

Students Review

I have learned so much from this course! It was very fun and easy to learn grammar points and vocabulary through different topics:) And the culture note was also helpful to get to know about Korea. 선생님이랑 계속 공부하고 싶어요!


The class is incredible! Garam is very prepared and the material she gave us is amazing! She teaches things that are useful for everyday life 🥰 Thank you so much Garam, even though the content is hard sometimes you always try to make it fun and easy. I will try to continue learning with you 🙂 감사합니다!


I truly appreciated the structure, the hw quizzes, and the access to Quizlet. I really enjoyed Garam teaching style and she was the right amount of strict but also very fun! Thank you because this class has given me more confidence to speak Korean to others even if I make mistakes!



10 weeks INTENSIVE Survival Korean course is only available during Summer(June~August) & Winter break(Nov~Jan or Dec~Feb)

To see the start date of next available course, please click “Join Now” button.

They are different types of groups.

1)Survival Korean: Intensive course O, 90mins per class, fixed price, homework & review quiz every week, course terminates after 10 weeks.

2)Booster Group: Intensive course X, 60mins per class, price differs depending on the number of students, homework every week but review quiz after every 4-5 lessons, packakge extension O.

This course is available for all-levels but it is not recommended for those who don’t know how to read/write Hangeul & who have just started learning the language. As it is an intensive course, each lesson includes lots of information and exercises as well as homework and review quizzes every week. The best level to join this course is from A2 level.

Upon registration, you’ll get a confirmation email with a Zoom meeting room link for the FREE orientation meet-up. Make sure to check your email after registration.

You’ll be given links to Google Drive & Quizlet classroom, and added to Zoom group chat after the full payment. 

Once you get the links, please send me a request to access Google Drive and make sure to be invited to the Zoom group chat, and and turn on the notifications on Zoom for any important notices.

To provide all the necessary information about the course, there’ll be a 30-40mins of FREE group meeting for orientation before the start of the course.

If you can’t make it to the first meeting, you can still get the recording afterwards.

At the end of the course, to check and revise the vocabulary & grammar points we have learned for 10 weeks, you have to prepare a short presentation with a topic that you choose. The presentation is usually for 5~7 mins and it needs to be prepared with visual aids(PPT). 

The student, who gets the highest score from quiz + presentation, will get ✨FREE PRIVATE LESSON✨. 

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