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100% Online Class via Zoom

Our working hours:  Monday to Friday, 9am – 14pm & 16 – 20pm(CET, Madrid time)

30-day speaking challenge

30-day Speaking Challenge

This is a 30-day speaking challenge for students who would like to boost their speaking skills in their everyday life. Just grab a mobile phone and record a video talking about your daily life or interested topics for 30 days. Improvement is 100% guaranteed.

2024 Korean Group Class

Do you want to boost your Korean speaking in a small group setting? Interacting with others in Korean and also learning from each other's mistakes? Plus, you get to save money by taking lessons with more people. If this sounds like a plan, Join us today!

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Class for Newbies

This is a lesson for starters who have just got interested in learning Korean and for learners who find it difficult to understand the basic rules of Korean grammar regardless of their levels. Students will get to practice vocabulary, expressions, and sentence structures. This class includes:

Class for Conversation

This lesson is for those who want to practice SPEAKING with casual topics. The topics are based on your interests, and the lesson is focused on the rapid achievement of your speaking confidence. Students will receive topic-related questions(PDF) before each class. This class includes:


Survival Korean

Are you planning to visit Korea soon but you think your Korean is not ready yet? Or are you already living in Korea but you are not able to understand or use the language? Then this course might be the best solution for you. In this course, you'll practice Korean speaking, listening, reading, and writing with REAL LIFE related topics for 10 weeks. This course is only available 2 times a year(Summer/Winter).

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