6 podcasts to learn Korean in your spare time

6 podcasts to learn Korean in your spare time

A podcast is a digital audio format that allows users to download or listen to programs, talks, classes, and more on the internet. Podcasts can, in fact, cover a wide range of topics. Today, we are going to show you up to 6 podcasts to learn Korean in your spare time.

One of the main advantages of this format is that you can download each podcast episode to listen to at any time and in any place. These podcasts are free and accessible to everyone, making them an interesting and high-quality option for learning Korean.

Discover the 6 best podcasts to learn Korean in your spare time

Podcasts have become a highly effective alternative for learning and practicing Korean. By listening to them regularly, you will improve your comprehension and speaking skills in this language. Furthermore, being available online, which means you can listen to them whenever you want, as they are easily accessible.

These are the 6 recommended podcasts to learn Korean in order to master this language.

Talk To Me In Korean

We commence with Talk To Me In Korean, as it is probably the most well-known and popular podcast for learning Korean. The most interesting thing about this podcast is that it is designed to teach Korean from scratch and has each episode for 3 different levels; beginner, intermediate, advanced. It also offers workbooks, textbooks and audio lessons on their website to reinforce students’ learning alongside the podcast. Thus, it is a very accesible and ideal format for everyone. Additionally, the lessons are very fun, intuitive, and easy to follow for any student.

Korean Class 101

Those with an intermediate to advanced level of Korean can try Korean Class 101. This podcast has also a high popularity rate and is followed by a large number of students. The lessons it contains are well structured and offer multiple details to help learning and mastering Korean grammar and vocabulary in the most appropriate manner. Their podcast is available on their website, Apple, Spotify, Google Play and etc.

Discover the 6 best podcasts to learn Korean in your spare time

Choi Susu

Choi Susu is another great option to go if you’re looking for podcasts with some free PDF transcriptions. This content creator offers podcasts for beginner and intermediate level, and they’re focused on cutlure and daily life in South Korea, providing an insight on everyday expressions used by native speakers. The contents are very easy-to-follow and highly informative. Plus, the youtube videos offer subtitles in 13 different languages so that you can easily follow and learn. Her podcasts are also available on Spotify and Apple.

Didi’s Korean Podcast

Another widely known and recommendable podcast is Didi’s Korean Podcast. It is one of the popular podcasts for intermediate-advanced level students as she discusses a great variety of fun and enjoyable topics that students can use to gradually become comfortable with the language. Her video contents also offer subtitles in 21 different languages and live stream Radio(Didi의 한국어 라디오) as well.

Namuori Korean

Namuori Korean is another good example of the podcasts to learn Korean that we propose. The main strengths of this podcast are the wide variety of conversational topics that it provides students with. This will allow high-beginner to intermediate students to significantly improve their abilities to speak and understand Korean. This channel also provides essential Korean phrases and vocabulary to better your Korean level.

Korean Booster Podcast

Finally, we’re very excited to announce that we will launch our Korean Booster Podcast this coming year 2024. In our Korean Booster Podcast, you will find a wide range of tips and strategies for learning Korean more effectively. We will provide you a different episode each week for 3 different levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced with FREE downloadble PDFs in which you can find transcripts, vocabulary, and some quizzes to reinforce your learning. With our podcast, you will have various clues at your disposal so that Korean becomes a much easier language to learn. So stay updated folks! 

Improve your Korean language skills with the best podcasts of the moment

Improve your Korean language skills with the best podcasts of the moment

These podcasts to learn Korean are a very effective tool. Listening to conversations in Korean helps to improve listening comprehension, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Furthermore, these podcasts are specifically designed for people who are learning Korean, which means they offer detailed explanations and practical examples to guide and assist during the learning process.

In conclusion, podcasts are a very simple and versatile way to study Korean. You can listen to them while performing other tasks, such as resting, exercising, driving, etc. A valuable resource for those who want to improve their skills in this language.

In a highly globalized and increasingly connected world, learning a language like Korean is a very interesting opportunity for any student. These podcasts allow you to do so in a very comfortable and accessible way. With them, you can listen to native speakers and practice your comprehension and verbal communication.

These are podcasts that include entertaining and well-structured lessons as well as everyday conversations that will improve your knowledge in a much more realistic context. They are a good support for learning Korean. However, when it comes to learning conversational skills, it is also crucial is to take classes through an academy or a private teacher. Check out our prices and contact us, we will help you.

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